Donnerstag, 29. August 2013

Skate at Night

 Shot some night time Skateboarding last weekend... got a really great shot out of it :)

Freitag, 23. August 2013

New Camera - Canon 6D - So Stunning - First Impressions

Got myself a Canon 6D this week... was looking forward to upgrading
to fullframe for so long and finally took the step with the 6D.

First lenses I got were the 17-40 mm f4.0 L lens and the 50 mm f1.4
Both peform really well with the 6D and the lowlight performance of
the camera itself is just mind-blowing... ISO 2500 has some noise but you
can easily get rid of it in camera raw with all the details still there... it's insane :D

Well well enough of the excitement... see yourself... here are my first shots with it :)

ISO 2500 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 800 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 400 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 400 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 640 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 200 17-40mm f4.0
ISO 100 50mm f1.4
ISO 100 50mm f1.4