Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

First HDR Try

First time trying to creat a HDR.
It actually worked out quite good I guess :)

Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2011

Super-Motion Skate Day with GoPro

Haha I finally got myself a GoPro
and went out for a skate with my friend
to test it all out...
and especially try out the 720 50p mode
to add some twixtor super-slomos to it :)
Came out amazing I guess hehe

Check out!

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Testing GoPro on my skateboard

I was considering to get one of those GoPros
so I borrowed one of a colleaque and testet it on my skateboard.
Great camera... but the attachment didn't quite work it...
but as soon as I get my own one I'll find a way to attach it :P